Transforming your story

“My life is a story of who God is and what he does in a human heart.” -Shauna Niequist

God is a transforming Lover of Human Souls,

a tender Lord who wastes no experience in the pursuit of our hearts. Often we tell ourselves stories about ourselves that serve to frustrate and further wound us, seeing ourselves as unworthy of love and seeing God as one indifferent to our pain.

In God’s hands, our experiences, our emotions and our relationships are all a means to see God as God is and to see ourselves as those designed with purpose, for great purpose.

Over the course of my life, I’ve come to know God through Jesus Christ, who embodied God in fleshly form and continuously offers peace, healing, forgiveness, freedom and joy.

In October 2016, I completed a week-long intensive course at the NewWay School of Spiritual Direction, in Colorado Springs. The program, founded by teacher, psychologist and author Larry Crabb was an opportunity for me to integrate further the mentoring, ministry, speaking, writing and mothering work that’s marked my life journey for the past 18 years+.

Throughout the program, I engaged with a group of 30 incredible co-journeyers, as we sought to integrate the heart of the teachings and God’s call to particpate in the dance of the Trinity. I spent time in personal prayer and reflection, examining further God’s specific call to me to participate in conversations that matter, looking to the big story always being told among our smaller ones.

Through my continuing engagement with the program, I hope to gain an ever-deepening understanding of what it means to walk alongside people, assisting them in noticing the move of God’s Spirit in their past, present and considerations of the future.

How we frame our stories and what we tell ourselves about God and our place within God’s story is significant to our everyday lives. We live in the world, as physical, spiritual, relational and emotional beings, based upon beliefs about our purpose and innate value.


One of my greatest joys is creating safe places for people to recognize their identity as ones loved and made uniquely to shine.

City Mentorship program

Lay minister/Mentor to women
The Well Community Church, Portland

Small group leader/inner healing minister/teacher
Living Waters, Portland

Professional youth mentor
Friends of the Children, Portland

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