Some mornings you roll from back to face, feel gravel lumps in your throat and roll around for another hour before swinging feet to the floor.

Some mornings you take nearly half an hour to make two boxed lunches and clearly do not have your A-game.

Some mornings your husband comes to the rescue and takes the kids to school.

So on those rare days, you stay in your pajamas and let your 3-year-old stay in hers, and you snuggle on the couch and laugh hard when she tells you that you smell sweaty. You snap together pieces of a floor puzzle, finger felt board pieces and play “I Spy.”

Yesterday-and-the-day-before you — with her shimmery lipstick and fast feet running from soccer game to wedding, from church service to soccer game to late-night celebration — may have felt guilty.

But not today you.

Today you has grace for herself and knows sometimes she needs breaks from all that doing to linger in her flannels and slippers, giggle with her daughter and simply be.

What spaces have you recently created — or can you create — to take a pause from the doing and just be?¬†