In the days when I wore a pager for work, I worried about the ways technology could seep into every moment and struggled with how to turn off my accessibility.

When I was a teenager, I simultaneously marveled at the idea of a mobile phone while wondering why someone would talk in the car on a hot box approaching the size of a loaf of bread. Why can’t you wait until you get home? Is it that important?

Though like every teenage girl, I enjoyed call waiting, part of me wondered why we’d eliminated the good ol’ busy signal. If it was important, wouldn’t they call back? And either way you sliced it, didn’t taking the call on the other line tell the person you were already talking to that they weren’t important enough?

Over the years, Michael teased me good-naturedly for my lack of interest in technology’s ways. I was a luddite, a late adapter.

It took me years to get on Facebook in spite of the prodding of several close friends (you know who you are). I thought Twitter was the biggest waste of 140-anything I could imagine.

I still dig in my heals on this stuff. I got on Pinterest a month or so ago because I thought that, as a blogger, I probably should. I’ve looked at it less than a half dozen times and still don’t have the energy to figure out what I’m doing, as anyone who’s checked out my meager boards can attest.

I’m not yet on Instagram or Tumblr or whatever else is new that I’ve not heard of. I am steering clear of my phone’s recent updates.

Of course technology is also a gift in my life because look, here we are together in this place that’s become one of my greatest joys. This internet world is where I meet with you, one of the places I experience community with soul brothers and sisters (some of whom I’ve had the opportunity to meet, touch and hear in person, to say “friend” face to face just like we do in words across screens).

But I do fear technology’s pull and its compartments. The sticky tentacles of modern day discontent that one of my readers described as the common belief that something good is out there — just one more click away.

I worry about the ease with which I can live in distraction, compulsion, false connection. I do not like how easy it is for me to respond with a swipe or keystroke in search of approval.

As I live right here, I am paying more attention to the imagined urgency that technology brings to my everyday moments. When I don’t want to feel boredom, sameness, the alone or the still, the world in my phone beckons, and it is just a palm away.

When I don’t want to feel or think or be, I can look to be filled by that pixellated beauty, by those words, by that comment.

Searching for significance and to feel any other thing than what is right here.


Maybe, this pricks your heart like it does mine. Yeah, it’s painful talking about the deeper hungers beneath this stuff. Tomorrow, I’ll explore a little further the false filling of technology and what we might still be hungry for. I hope you’ll be back. 


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