In memory of Grandma Fanny

We drove across three states, as we always do, to visit the log house she built with her husband named for sunshine. And the ache was palpable, undulating with the rolling hills of Wyoming, as we faded in and out of sleep. One could almost imagine the ruts family...

Five Minute Friday: Close

After J presents her group’s painted bridge model, constructed with toothpicks, popsicle sticks and pipe cleaners, and we watch a video of exuberant second grade dancing, Sici leads us to what she’s heard called the henna station. Two older girls sit...

Five Minute Friday: Friend

{The hokey pokey with good friends} We hold space for one other. To work it out from the knots of the middle. To be unique thinkers and feelers. To struggle and strain and to laugh at our own jokes. We fill the room for each other. Packing up boxes and strapping on...

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