One Word 2014: Seek

LittleOneWordSEEKIn my year-long exploration of SEEK:

1/5/15 God Light, Thoughts on Last Year’s One Word (Seek) and My Guiding Word for 2015

11/21/14 Five Minute Friday: Notice

9/25/14 When Growing Up Hurts (A Mama)

8/29/14 Reach

7/15/14 Brave, brave, be brave

5/15/14 Limitations and invitations of living small

5/12/14 Gathering, scattering and not having the answers

3/6/14 The DMV and Jesus

2/6/14 The wardrobe and the storm

1/28/14 Of clouds, quiet, tears and sunrise

1/22/14 What Charlotte’s Web Is Teaching Me About Longing (A Guest Post at Dana Butler’s)

1/14/14 In which we seek home some more

1/9/14 The road ahead and home

1/4/14 On Time Away and My One Word for 2014